About Us

At Community Gospel, we have something for just about everyone. From year-round children's and youth ministries to our adults, our church family connects through our various programs. Each program has its own individuality, but all work together to fit the vision and mission of the church: to be a healing agency in our community.

We believe that children can and should be part of worship. During our worship and praise, children are welcomed.

Children’s church is the time for children’s activities led by a team of dedicated teachers.

We have programs planned for older youth in Junior Senior Outreach and Youth Groups. Summer camp is available at Camp Judah. We are currently seeking a youth leader for our programs.

Since our church is all about God, we even have prayer meetings and bible studies. The prayer meeting is a one hour gathering to pray for the needs of the individuals, church, community and nation plus whatever God lays on our hearts. The bible study may involve studying a book of the bible or reading and in depth discussions of a particular book.

At CGC, adults are not left out. We have Men’s Group and Women’s Group. We have occasional church dinners, some simple dish to pass and some more formal dinners for donations served by volunteers, currently to aid the building fund.

In March, we have an annual pancake run. We all cram into as few cars as possible and take about a 90 minute drive to Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn in Angelica, NY. We try to get there early enough to avoid major lines to get in and usually succeed. Even if we don’t we usually have fun while waiting in line.

Summers are special. Sunday nights after prayer meeting, weather permitting, we have hot dog roasts on the church property. No one has to bring anything. Sometimes we have just hot dogs other times we have a feast. You can expect hot dogs cooked on a fork over an open fire and lots of fun doing whatever you enjoy. If you want to play a game, bring it. If you want to share something tasty, bring it. Sometimes the worship team shows up with guitars and we have sing alongs. Sometimes, we have smores or other treats. We have gathered to have fun.

Yep, summers are special. During the summer, the bible study is replaced by a dish to pass picnic at the new church site. Bring your own meat, your own beverage and a dish to pass. We will grill your meat for you, Pastor says grace then Let The Eating Begin. This is a time of fun and fellowship. This is a rain or shine event. If it rains, we gather in the new church building for chatting and eating.