Sunday Morning

Currently meeting at the Masonic Temple
5 Browns Ave

Sunday morning is Worship Service. Activity begins at 8:30 a.m.

The worship team practices from 8:30 to 9:15.

At 9:15. we have a half hour of adult Sunday School led by our senior pastor and his wife. This is an interesting discussion group examining the foundations of our faith. The senior pastor’s wife brings out an interesting topic in our Christian foundation then sits back and watches the fur fly. Not a lot of fur, no one gets angry but we are touching some pretty sensitive spots in our search for a closer walk with God.



At 9:45, we have a brief time of prayer for God’s presence in our worship service. Anyone can come up front and join our prayer group to pray for a good worship service.


We meet at 10:00 am to worship God. Most mornings, we finish at 11:30.


Children are asked to attend the worship and praise time then are dismissed for Children’s Church when our Pastor preaches his sermon. We believe that children can and should be part of worship. During our worship and praise, children are welcomed. Children being children always adds to worship. We’ve had three year olds raising their hands in praise just like mommy and daddy in the center aisle. After a short break the children leave for children’s church.

Our praise and worship has four main parts.

The first part typically is one or two old time hymns.

Next, we have the offering. Our treasurer reads a scripture and has a short time of prayer then the collection is taken while the worship team and congregation sing the Doxology. At the completion of the singing, we stand and applaud God’s blessing on us and the offering while it is carried to the front. Our pastor accepts the offering and prays over it then we settle down to “serious” praise and worship.

We sing choruses and, sometimes, hymns while praising our Father the Holy Spirit and his Son. There may be prophecies or short testimonies during our singing. Sometimes, we have special events like special prayer for a member in need.

During our singing, two of our prayer warriors provide prayer to all who come forward for it. They honor all prayer requests. We have had some fantastic answers to prayer during this time.

Usually, after praise and worship, we have a short social period when we can get a snack or beverage, greet people, use the rest room or just sit quietly and pray or praise.

After the social period, the children are dismissed to the Children’s Church then we listen to the sermon, taking notes and following along with our bibles. Occasionally we have a guest speaker who speaks at this time. After the sermon, there may be a dedication or other special event.

Our children’s ministry is fun and exciting, yet focused on teaching who God is and setting a solid foundation for life.
Our children’s program includes Nursery and Children’s Church—K through 6. Periodically, puppet shows that include both children and adults are presented during the worship service. Other activities include a one week youth camp at Camp Judah and overnight parent, child campouts on the church property.

Sometimes, after the service, we have a special event. There might be a board meeting or a dinner or dish to pass luncheon.

If any member wants to hear and/or sing a special song, it can be requested. Our worship leader will accommodate the request if possible.

We seek the presence of God in our worship service and we are willing to accommodate as many as possible in our desire to find a closer walk with Him.