Missions are an important part of CGC. We help to support 4 missions with our giving. Our missions table always has fresh Haitian coffee, baskets and vanilla for sale. The latest news letters are also available here.

Team Haiti 4 Jesus is supported heavily by the church and the people of the church. The church donates directly and several church members support an orphan at a fixed fee each month. Team Haiti assures us that the only money that doesn’t get to the orphanage is the cost of the bank transfers. When Team Haiti first went to Les Basses, Neeps, Haiti they had nothing. An orphanage was started on a frayed shoestring, received government approval and, after the 2010 earthquake in Port Au Prince twenty orphaned children. The support provided by the government was to wish us well. During those early years, there were some days when the children received no food because there was none to give. We managed to give the kids about 5 meals a week consisting mainly of red beans and rice. Today, every child gets a good meal with a protein and a snack every day. Our school is free to children of the community. We started off with about six grades and we’ve grown to 11 grades currently.

One leader of this mission sets up mobile homes and does other work. He has been a missionary in Africa where he did some pretty remarkable things. He leads the spiritual side of Team Haiti and does the extended mission trips into the mountains. The other leader has worked as a contractor most of his life. He was called to Team Haiti, has sold all his contracting business and currently works full time supporting Team Haiti with all the technical details and keeps the school and orphanage operating smoothly. The total salary from Team Haiti for both of them is zero. That’s right, neither leader takes any money from the mission but manages to pay for airline tickets to get there several times a year. There is not room here to tell the full story of Team Haiti and God’s involvement. Please forgive the author for going on about Team Haiti. He has taken three mission trips to Les Basses and loves the work the mission is doing. This mission is truly changing the course of many lives in Haiti, much more than just the children. https://teamhaiti4jesus.com/

Terry and Robbie Mason are located in Israel leading the mission “Bridges for Peace.” https://www.bridgesforpeace.com/

Sylvia Evans is the founder of Creative Word Ministries with several ministries throughout the world. https://creative-word.us/