What to Expect

On your first visit to CGC, you will be greeted by our usher. He’s there to answer questions, give you visitor gifts and help you get settled. Others undoubtedly will welcome you and wish you well. We are all eager to answer questions about our church and services. It can all be a little overwhelming but we mean well.

Your first service could be daunting. We typically open with one or two old time hymns. Then we take the collection.

Whether you contribute or not is entirely up to you. Some of our members faithfully tithe our incomes, others don’t give at all. Some fall in between. We don’t worry about it. The Father provides our needs and somehow, we always have enough but not much left over. After the collection, we start our morning worship.

The worship team leads the congregation into praise and worship. Our worship is a little energetic. We raise our arms, we sing loud for such a small church, we may dance in place a little. There may be a prophetic word. During this time, our prayer team is available to provide prayer for all those who ask. After praise and worship, there is a brief social break then we settle down to listen to the morning sermon.

After the service, there may be a special event or a luncheon. You will be welcome. We always have enough for a few more.